3 easy steps to building a powerful web scraping project

01 Register your account
Take 5 minutes to fill out our quick registration form and choose your desired plan. All security and user data is handled through Google Firebase, so your information is never exposed.
02 Outline your project
Submit your project details using our built-in form to help us get started. Upload any important documents which describe your project requirements.
03 Highlight your data
Use our online tool to take a picture of your webpage and then annotate the data you want to scrape. Submit your project and relax, we handle the rest!
Painless sign-up.
Create your account in minutes.
Annotate the data
Highlight the data you want to scrape on a given webpage and upload the files.
Discover the unexpected
Perform and combine different types of search options to analyze your data
Choose your plan
Select one of the preconfigured plans to get started.
Describe your project
Tell us about your project specifications and any relevant details you have in mind.
Visualize the connections
Organize your data in a meaningful way using charts, graphs, histograms & more
Reach new insights and make decisions with confidence. Streamline your market strategy development process by using powerful analytics to stay ahead of the curve.

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